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Dec 3, 2013 5:00pm EST
affordable care act is working. >> we will have the latest on obama care. the most important moment from your world today in 90 seconds. >> d.c. mayor, vincent gray appears determined to talk more about his successes after winning office in the 2010 campaign that got him there. can you go any further than you have already gone other than saying you have gone? >> still don't know if the u.s. attorney will have more to say about the campaign. >> newly released footage shows the aftermath of the commuter train going three times as fast as it should have been. >> engineer, william rockefeller told first responders that he began today. investigators are checking rockefeller's cell phone records to see if he was on a call or texting. >> the one thing passengers can control is a seat. it matters which car you choose. a former manager at the ntsb. >> when i ride the trains, i try not to sit in the first car, not to sit in the last car. >> middle car gives you the best odds of being protected. >> they believe the fiery crash that killed paul walker and a friend on saturday involved a single
Dec 5, 2013 5:00pm EST
obama clearly says he drew inspiration from mandela and one of the first things he did was to protest against apartheid to make a political statement many, many years ago. talking about some of the things that have stayed with him, what he will miss the most and talking about how nelson mandela really belongs to the ages. meant so much to -- he meant so much to so many. >> we're back right after this. >>> if you ride metro, get ready to reach a little deeper in your pocket next year. the transit agency unveiled a slew of new fare possibilities and of them mean you will pay more. debra alfarone breaks it down for us. >> bottom line, it's going to cost you more of this to ride metro's trains and buses, but how much remains a question. >> i think if fare goes up, you're going to see people start taking cabs and stuff. >> but metro is betting against that. today general manager richard sarles unveiled his plan. come july if approved it would cost an average of 15 cents more to take a bus, a dime higher to ride the rails and a quarter more to park. the hikes would raise $30 million a year
Dec 10, 2013 5:00pm EST
who they worship. that's happening today. >> before they talked about mandela's legacy, president obama shook hands with raul castro whose nation has been an enemy. despite the politics, everyone here today came to honor, remember, and celebrate a man who united and inspired generations. nelson mandela's body will lie in state here for three days and then on sunday, the burial and final good-bye and a family plot in the small town of kunu. in south africa, derek mcginty, wusa9. >> that handshake between president obama and raul castro has upset cuban-american legislators who fear it will be used for propaganda purposes. it can be explained by the fact that fidel castro and nelson mandela have been close allies. cuba was one of the first countries mandela visited after his release from prison. and tonight, nelson mandela memorial at howard university has been postponed because of the weather. it will be rescheduled after the new year. >>> this afternoon, we are following a developing story out of month of montgomery county. >> in germantown, kristen. >> reporter: that's right, this
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3